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8 Reasons You Should Pee in the Shower & Not Feel Gross About It

We’re not as bad as men but women can also drip, leak or otherwise “mist” the toilet seat. I don’t know how it happens but it just does. Add toilet paper to the mix and, well, that’s how you end up with gas station restrooms. There’s a reason that many countries outside America use bidets, toilet-like devices that squirt water for bottom cleaning.

It will make you prepared

When’s the last time you peed in the wild? It’s not a skill many grown women cultivate and it’s pretty seldom you need to employ the squat method but if you ever do, your morning shower sessions will make it that much easier to let it flow!

It will improve your aim

Did you know girls can aim their pee too? We may not be able to write our names in the snow or put out a campfire but we can still learn to control the flow and direction. And hey, you needed to get your Kegels in anyhow!

It’s fun

Yeah, I said it. Grown-ups don’t get to do a lot of subversive things on a daily basis, but peeing in the shower can be your little act of rebellion for the day.

It’s not as weird as you think it is

In a Today Show poll, over 80 percent of people admitted to being mellow with the yellow in the shower. (Al Roker was the lone holdout among the hosts, in case you were curious.) Peeing in the shower is quicker and more convenient. ‘Nuff said.

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